We liberate your public sector information

Our company provides services to collect / package / publish / utilize public information on the internet.

bonsai Our company is founded on the values of free software. By default we release our tools ([A]GPL) and the raw data (ODBL) under a libre license. Customers only pay for work conducted, no licensing or subscription fees incur. For a fee we reserve the right to not publish the data as long as the fee is paid, upon expiry we release the data and the scraper immediately. Results of custom processing of libre data is is also libre, the decision to publish however is up to the customer. For more information and quotes please contact us. For communities we offer community pools, where members of the community can contribute toward the costs, and collectively finance the liberation of selected data-sets. We welcome journalists, policy advocates, NGOs, public administrations to help them with their data gathering and processing needs.

(Our customers needs are solved using technology, not manpower - our long-term goal is to replace even the CEO with a profitable shell-script.)